Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Zionist bigots like you, Mr. Greenberg'

Most of the e-mail I have received about my profile of Kevin MacDonald, the Cal State Long Beach professor whose books on Jews have been compared to 'Mein Kampf," has been tame and complimentary, most of all from MacDonald, who wrote me Thursday night:
Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. I was really worried about a hatchet job and this definitely was not that. There were a few things that I would rephrase or provide a somewhat different context, but I suppose that's what all interviewees say.
His chief adversary, Jeff Blutinger, told me the response has been "overwhelmingly positive."
Thanks for making his gobbledy gook intelligible through your use of clear language.
But Anti-Zionist Wayne, similar to this "analysis" by John de Nugent, shared a different perspective in an e-mail I just received. He begins by thanking me for notifying him about MacDonald, whose books he now intends to buy. Wayne then lambastes me for my alleged desire to curb freedom of speech (nowhere in the article did I suggest this) and informs me that "this IS AMERICA . . . IT'S NOT FACIST ISRAEL (a nation OF Jews, BY Jews, FOR Jews) !"

He concludes with this thoughtful observation:
The truth is that the greatest danger that rascist Jews (i.e, Zionists) fear is NOT the anti-semitic terrorism from non-Jews, but the assimilation ("self-destruction") of the Diaspora Jews into "other" (impure) multi-ethnic cultures, LIKE IN MELTING POT AMERICA!!!!

The Aryan Neo-Nazis fear and hate MELTING POT America!
The WASPs (David Dukes) fear and hate
The Louis Farahkan Blacks fear and hate
The Zionist Jews fear and hate

I believe that
ALL ethnic groups are possessed with RACIST factions that want to preserve their pedigree clan! If we must NEVER FORGET the evils and horrors of bigotry and racism, then we have to learn the attributes (psychological markers) of these bigoted factions, no matter what ethnic group they belong to!!

Louis Farrakhan can NOT use the horrors of the history of SLAVERY as an excuse, or justification, for tolerating Black bigotry! Neither can Zionist Jews be permitted to use the HOLOCAUST as an excuse or justification for tolerating Zionist (Israeli) bigotry!!

I suspect that that's the message Professor Kevin MacDonald wants to teach his students!

But I'm quite sure that he'll learn that you CAN NOT criticize the Jewish Community, by documenting its flaws, without facing professional assassination by Zionist bigots . . .umm, like you Mr Greenberg!!!
Coincidentally, this rant was sent to thecreator@thegodblog.org, the account I use for this blog, on which it is very apparent that I'm a practicing Christian who believes in Zionism, though not without criticism, and has a Jewish last name.

An old colleague of mine had a hilarious template letter for replying to such e-mails. It began "Dear Sir and/or Madam," thanked the author for "using fairly grammatically correct language and removing most of the typos" and offered to do better in the future "so you'll be able to spend your days contributing productively to society, rather than devoting time and effort to reminding me of what a miserable excuse for a person I am." Other parts of the letter, which was never sent out but was always good for a laugh, are not repeatable here.

But back to Wayne's e-mail: Notice the difference his insights into my flaws and those shared with me after I wrote an article about Islamopobia for the LA Daily News last year. (Hint: that guy told me I was a sucker for Islamofascists and said, "While you're waiting in line with your prayer rug on the way to the ovens, I'll continue to shine a light on the hate speech that Imams are spewing in Mosque's.")


Guy Vestal said...

Why do people who have faith in God, have no faith in God?

Israel has Jews, Iran has Muslims, so?

Am I the only one that sees that this whole ordeal stems back to the Hagar vs. Sarah issue?

These two brothers have not gotten along, and they will continue to fuss, just as they have for thousands of years.

For anyone BUT the Christian, it is really none of their business.

This is a God issue, let Him solve it. Is he THAT incapable? People here in this melting pot want freedom of everything? Then give the Jewish people the freedom to tell the rest of the world to mind there own homes. I am sure the governments, pundits, fanatics, authors, crusaders, and the like can find some sort of beam or two in their eye before poking at Israel's splinter...

If you are a Jew, do you not believe that G-d will protect you against your enemies? Your own writings affirm that.

If you are an Arab, does not your Allah do the same?

And if you are a Christian, don't you know by now that irreguardless of what any human THINKS (which they do little of.) will or will not happen is moot anyways?

For the Christian, "It is finished." "Oh ye of little faith."

(btw, if you were curbing the freedom to yap so hard, 2 of my comments would have been deleted already.)

Zionist bigots? Doesn't anyone nowadys have any fresh slurs, the old ones are just so middle class. The poor are bored...

Guy Vestal said...

Hold on sport, I still have some rant left...

And what is this "zionism" seeareayepee anyways?

Why is it that the God of Abraham, Isacc, & Jacob can't have His Chosen People, in His Promised Land (including that sliver to the south, and that cockeyed lookin rectagle thing to the north)

Is someone a "zionist" if they believe what they read in the Bible?

That is what it all boils down to when ya turn the heat up and let it bubble down to the leaves.

Shoded Yam said...

Before you give yourself a Pulitzer, heres a thought. Was the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles really the best place to allow an anti-semitic malcontent with inadequacy issues and a PhD(shades of Ward Churchill) to promote a pseudo-scientific, Jew-hating screed masquerading as a scholarly work worthy of peer consideration?

Brad A. Greenberg said...

Shoded Yam,

First, we can't win a Pulitzer in the Jewish journalism biz. We win Rockowers. Never heard of it? I hadn't either.

As for whether the JJ was the appropriate place to discuss the career of a man whose books have been compared to "Mein Kampf," I'd rather err on the side of giving our readers too much a dose of the world they live in then too little.

If not in a Jewish paper, then where?

Shoded Yam said...

Brad(you don't mind if I call you Brad, do you. I have a problem with honorifics),

The Rockower.

"For Judaic Journalistic Excellence in being able to see both sides of the equation, and thereby losing perspective;-)"

My objection to the Journal's featuring MacDonald, is proprietary in nature. Not a day goes by where Israel's legitimacy isn't questioned. So now, on Israels sixtieth Independence day, this is the moment that the Journal chooses to provide a venue for some tenured wing-nut to promote his specious theories re. "Jewish genetic engineering" and give voice to scurrilous attempts to question Judaisms very legitimacy? Nu, Brad. Really. I can appreciate the need to keep the Jewish community informed, but enough is enough.

Brad A. Greenberg said...

You can call me Steve if you like. (Receptionists sometimes hear that when I introduce myself over the phone; I don't know how.)

I can appreciate your concern Shoded, and I understand it. I just don't agree.

Also, I don't think my article provided a platform for Kevin MacDonald. Yes, it detailed his views on Jews, which meant exposing readers to them, but those opinions were couched within the an important context.

Could we have picked a different time to run this profile as a cover? Not unless that groundswell of faculty opposition had occurred earlier or later this year.