Thursday, May 22, 2008

The God Blog gets a new look

For the past year, I've appreciated Blogger's free hosting, but, then again, you get what you don't pay for, and there have been a lot of bugs. So starting tomorrow, The God Blog should have a totally new look (and content management system).

The switch coincides with the launch of The Jewish Journal's new Website. You may already be reading this post on the new site, which has the same address as the old blog. The blog archives also are now fully searchable through the Journal's home page.

But there likely will be some problems with the launch, and I may have trouble posting during the next two days. My advance apologies.

Also, you will notice that, as of right now, comments are missing from posts less than a month old. This is because the designers of our new site made the error of migrating over all the blogs too close to our original launch date. I spent much of today moving over the 100 or so posts I'd written since then and over the next week will have to add the comments by hand. For once I'm glad comments here aren't too numerous.


Guy Vestal said...

Will it still be in these frames? (let us hope not. LOL)

For once I'm glad comments here aren't too numerous.

I try to comment to the best of my ability! Be patient!

Brad A. Greenberg said...

No, thankfully, the blog will not still be framed. Whew.