Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush to Israel: 'Masada will not fall again'

Speaking today to Israel's parliament, the Knesset, President Bush said the bond between the United States and Israel was unbreakable and promised that "Masada will not fall again."
"Some people suggest that if the United States would just break ties with Israel, all our problems in the Middle East would go away," Bush said in his prepared address.

"This is a tired argument that buys into the propaganda of our enemies, and America rejects it utterly. Israel's population may be just over 7 million. But when you confront terror and evil, you are 307 million strong, because America stands with you."
Masada is the desert fortress near the Dead Sea where, after the destruction of the Second Temple, 960 Jewish zealots committed suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.


Guy Vestal said...



Drat! I cannot just end with a yawn...

Is the security of the Masada assured before or after the US Government demanding appeasement of Israel's enemies?

There is still alot of "Promised Land" that can be sawed off and given away in exchange for *peace!

*Well... At least a few days of peace until the rockets begin again.

Shoded Yam said...

The phrase; "Masada will not fall again" does not originate with the shrub. As a veteran of the IDF and a former member of the 7th Armoured Brigade, I can attest to the fact that this is the oath that is sworn by every Shirionair(Tank Trooper) in Zahal upon completion of basic training at a torch light ceremony that would take place at Masada itself.This would be preceded by a 30 km stretcher run that ends with climbing the Snake Trail to the summit. As we would say in the Army; "Ze haya tov, veh zeh tov she ze haya" (It was good and its good that its in the past),hahaha (-: I understand that they now perform the ceremony at the Kotel. They still have to run the 30 kliks though ;-)