Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ADL adds to literature on Kevin MacDonald

That image, which appears to have been "borrowed" from The Journal, is now at the top of the Anti-Defamation League's homepage. (I wanted to put a screen grab up but, as usual, Blogger had other ideas.) Accompanying the image is a long-awaited report, published today, by the ADL that is short, uncontroversial and includes no new information that I could find.
"Kevin MacDonald is someone who is hailed among the bigots not just for his beliefs about Jews, but because of his ability to lend to his anti-Semitism a scholarly veneer," said Dr. Kevin O'Grady, ADL Orange County Regional Director. "Because he is a tenured professor who couches his views as a form of academic inquiry, he defies the mold of more traditional anti-Semites like jackbooted neo-Nazis or robe-wearing Klansmen."

MacDonald is a celebrated figure in the world of white supremacy because his views about Jews -- many of which promote classical anti-Semitic conspiracy theories -- are given added legitimacy by his ability to present them in a scholarly guise, according to ADL. The League has added MacDonald to its definitive online guide to extremist groups and individuals in the United States, Extremism in America.

ADL says that MacDonald has evolved from a writer of books to a blogger and prolific contributor to anti-Semitic publications both in print and online.
A lot more info about MacDonald, whom I profiled for The Jewish Journal two weeks ago, can be found in a much more lengthy bio page the ADL created, which includes an overview of the man, his ideology and affiliations and his own words:

“[H]atred toward all things European is normative among a great many strongly identified Jews.”

“Can the Jewish Model Help the West Survive?”
Jack London Literary Prize acceptance speech, October 31, 2004

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