Monday, May 5, 2008

Awkward introductions: 'Call me God'

Steve Kreuscher has let his status as a denizen of Zion (Illinois, that is) go to his head. He's asked a judge to legally change his name to the motto that backs our money: In God We Trust.

Believe it. First name, In God. Last name, We Trust. The Daily Herald has a detailed story that is striking for its lack of lame jokes and offers other interesting name changes:
Santa Claus: Robert Rion of Mundelein, 1997 Karin Robertson of Virginia, 2003

Megatron: Michael Burrows of Washington, 2007

Optimus Prime: Scott Nall of Ohio, 2001

Pro-Life: Marvin Richardson of Idaho, 2008

Low Tax: Byron Looper of Tennessee, 1998

Jesus Christ: Jose Espinal of New York, 2005
My favorite funny name, though it may be apocryphal, is "Sh--head" (pronounced: Shah-TEED).

(Hat tip: DMN and BBB)

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Andrea Useem said...

Love these random stories. I won't tell my kids that someone successfully changed their name to Optimus Prime -- they might get ideas, and then we'd end up with kids called Aragorn, Spiderman and Teletubbie.