Friday, April 25, 2008

Redux: 'The true meaning of Passover'

In case you missed David Sackman's thoughtful comment here about the Rev. Eric Lee and the true meaning of Passover, his words were reprinted today as an op-ed in The Jewish Journal. To refresh:
I am Jewish, of European ancestry; my wife is black, with Chinese and Native American ancestry included. What shall we tell our son this Passover, when we retell the tale of how his Jewish ancestors were freed from slavery in Africa?

Shall we trade accusations against each other? The statement reputed to have been made at a fraternity event, that some Jews in the entertainment industry exploited and profited from black performers, is probably true. It is also true that Jewish union leaders, lawyers and agents in the entertainment industry have fought for better wages and working conditions for blacks and others in the industry. Many Jews played crucial roles in the struggle for civil rights, and undoubtedly there were some on the other side as well. We can go back farther to trade accusations. Were there Jews who owned slaves and were involved in the slave trade? Probably so; and yet there were also Jews fighting for abolition. Does it matter whether those on one side outnumbered those on the other?

To be honest, I must tell my son that his African ancestors were on both sides as well.


Meg said...

Do Jews control the world?

THAT is the question and honestly, it is an insipid question.

Truth of the matter, Allah created the "all", controls the "all" and legislates the "all" regardless of the fact of anyone liking it, knowing it or agreeing with it.

How it is.

Peace on those who deserve it, want it and know exactly how to find it.

Guy Vestal said...

Hmmm... Does this mean that Passover is no longer about the Jewish exodus from slavery in Egypt?

Why is it that the "Christians" are always the last to be told about the latest update, bugfix, or service pack? LOL...

Can I at least blame Tom Cruise?