Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Changing the National Day of Prayer

Every year it seems certain religious organizations, namely those who feel excluded, ask that the National Day of Prayer be a more ecumenical event. (I've written this story at least once.) Two thousand eight is no different, as this report from the DMN religion blog notes:

We mentioned days ago a Jewish group's complaint that the National Day of Prayer had been "hijacked" by the Christian right.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has joined with that group, Jews on First, to call for inclusive celebrations on Thursday, the day of prayer.

Here's a news release from CAIR. It urges all people of faith "to contact governors and other elected officials nationwide to ask that any government-sponsored 'National Day of Prayer' observances on May 1st be representative of our nation's religious diversity."

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Guy Vestal said...

Am I allowed to express Non-PC comedy here?

Well, I will give it a shot, and see if it gets deleted...

(here it comes)

An Islamic group, joining together with a Jewish group, on matters of religion? Was this relationship forged before or after the last rocket salvo into Israel?