Thursday, April 10, 2008

Explaining the growth of Republican Jews

For years, no respectable Jew would admit to being a Republican, even if they would vote for Ike or the Gipper. Today, this is no longer the case. The ranks of Republican Jews are swelling, something I discovered last summer and again this winter.

Why is this? Well, first let's return to the e-mail from Jewish philanthropist Daphna Ziman that accuses the Rev. Eric Lee, a leader in Los Angeles' black community, of espousing virulently anti-Semitic views. (Lee has denied her account and today apologized for any "misunderstandings.")

In forwarding this e-mail along, which has happened countless times now, Larry Greenfield, California director of the Republican Jewish Coalition, added this commentary:
"Daphna and Dick Ziman are friends of mine, and very partisan Dems and friends of Hillary.

They are respected citizens and honorable people.

If they are souring on Obamamania, this could be a good sign that realism is creeping into Jewish liberal minds.
Anti Americanism, Anti Zionism, Anti Semitism mark todays left
The problem with that argument is that the Zimans aren't just "friends" but are major supporters of Hillary Clinton, and Daphna previously questioned whether Obama is a safe vote for Israel.


dennis wilen said...

The lies and distortions spread by Repugnicans (including Jews) is precisely why Baruch Obama's call for change and a new kind of politics has resonated so deeply across America.

To find out where Obama really stands on these issues, take 15 minutes to listen to an Obama phone interview recorded yesterday by JTA's Dan Kampeas.

As for Daphna Ziman, she's just like Bob Dylan's 'Boxer,' who 'hears what [s]he wants to hear and disregards the rest.'

Black people were pissed off in the 1960s, and they deserved to be.

So sorry dinosaur white liberals like her didn't take the time to learn why.

Anonymous said...

Jews of color (Ashkenazim Darkies and Sephardim) are not recognized by mainstream Judaism. We are today mislabled 'African-Americans'. And Mainstream Judaism (fair-skinned) are powerful/accepted in the U.S. because they look 'White'. And realize the Jews of color today are misplaced/unknown.

Email for more info:
So,how do we expect the 'African-Americans' to know, they are a mixture of authentic Jews of color (Ashkenazim 'Darkies'/Sephardim). They too are brainwashed into believing Jews are only 'white'. So, when they see the 'White' Jews its 'White Supremacy' to them. Instead of continuing this division, we should educate people like Rev.
Eric Lee, the truth. That even Ashkenazim 'Darkies'(in the Warsaw Ghetto during Hitler) and Sephardim exist among the so-called African Americans communities. And we can not see the difference. Note: And my family was not the only ones living in HARLEM, NY. during the 1940's-1970's. LOL

Maybe, Rev. Eric Lee's ancestors also hid his Jewish Identity because of racist America. He would have been not only hated for being Black but, also Jewish.

Note: The name Barack-Barak-Baraq is a popular Israeli-Jewish name.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dennis, I'm an economic socialist and a political independent, yet I find it obvious that the time has long been ripe for the Jews to abandon the Democratic Party.

It's no longer a matter of what any one candidate did or did not say or did or did not promise.

The Democratic Party is inherently hostile to Jews, to Israel, and to the survivial of both.

The Republicans for the most part (though not compeletely) have far more respect for Jews and Israel. The difference with the Democrats is like night and day, and it shows in their blogs and their friends.

Shoded Yam said...

"Sorry, Dennis, I'm an economic socialist and a political independent"

Mixing socialism with know-nothing right-wing nationalism? Do you ever notice what happens to guys who embrace that rather volatile mixture of discredited ideology and stupidity? They end up blowing their brains out in a bombed out bunker or even worse, getting dragged out of a spider-hole after they've been picking their ass and smelling their own feces for the last month and a half. Side effects may include; nausea, diahrea, rectal bleeding, and inexplainable urge to humm "The Horst Wesel Lied" during sex. Kid's, don't be that guy.

Anonymous said...

My whole large family used to vote there are about 2 left. Check out the mainstream "left" blogs and tell me if there is any difference between what they write about Jews and "Zionists" and what Stormfront and David Duke write?

Shoded Yam said...

Yes, well its unfortunate that the theo-facist right wing in Israel (American-Jewish drug addicts, misfits, and ne'er do-wells, turned talmud thumpers)along with their haredi fellow travellers, have usurped(unjustifiably)the label of "zionist". Though the comparisons of Zionism with Nazi ideology are without substance, the analogy would appear to be applicable as regards to the behaviour of the aforementioned thugs and hooligans. Stop crying, sparky. If the shoe fits, wear it.