Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Heeb finds Chunk the Hollywood lawyer

How could anyone forget Chunk? After Data, Mikey and Mouth, the most memorable of "The Goonies" was Chunk, legendary for his Truffle Shuffle (like the Ickey Shuffle, but better).

His real name was Jeff B. Cohen, and unlike so many child actors, his life wasn't marred by early fame, though he did perform his old dance on the sidelines of Cal football games. He was student body president at Berkeley, and went on to law school at UCLA. Now he's an entertainment lawyer in Beverly Hills, which is where Heeb magazine solicited the legal queries of a few Hollywood wannabes. The feature is kind of a lame stretch, but I was thrilled to learn what became of Chunk.
What advice would you give a client who was interested in investing in secret pirate treasure? Tempted by Treasure

Dear Tempted by Treasure,
My advice here goes beyond the law. Watch out for blenders, booby traps and the Fratellis. Befriending large monsters can also be helpful.

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