Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fauxmemoirist likens gangsters to suicide bombers

This video turned up today on Gawker of "Margaret B. Jones," the James Frey of Gangland whose real name was Margaret Seltzer and real life was that of a well-off white girl from the San Fernando Valley. In the video, "Jones" rambles about how hardcore it is in the hood she didn't grow up in.
It's like being a Palestinian suicide bomber. When you are borne into it and you are caught up in it, and your ego and your pride, it makes perfect sense.
Someone at my paper went looking for Seltzer after the scandal broke because they were under the impression that, instead of being a half-white, half-Native American foster kid from South Central, she was actually a Jewish kid from Sherman Oaks. I, however, could find only that she attendy pricey Campbell Hall, an Episcopal prep school.

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