Friday, February 1, 2008

A New York Jew who does heart Huckabee

My earlier post about why Mike Huckabee will bomb in big cities has aroused quite a bit of commenting at the CT Liveblog, one of which directed me to an interesting post from the New York Times' City Room blog. It's about Alice Lemos, a Jew from Queens who is campaigning to be a Huckabee delegate.
“I’m pro-life and I’m socially conservative,” said Ms. Lemos, a 53-year-old legal secretary at a firm in Manhattan and a frequent contributor to a Web site called “Jews for Life.”

“The fact of the matter is that I don’t like establishment Republicans in New York — I don’t like the track record of Joe Bruno or George Pataki,” she said, referring to the State Senate majority leader and the former governor. “Also, I think Rudy Giuliani did nothing to really build up the party at the grass-roots level. I believe in grass-roots politics.”
Regarding Huckabee, she said:
“He reminds me a lot of Ronald Reagan,” Ms. Lemos said. “He is positive and upbeat and comes from a humble background. I hope that I can help others get to know him.”
I guess Siena College missed her in its random survey.

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