Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lily Isaacs, from Jewish folk to Christian Gospel

The Baptist Press has a worthwhile profile of Lily Isaacs, the German-born Jew selling well as a Christian Gospel singer.
In retrospect, Isaacs said it was her parents' Holocaust experience that was such an obstacle for her in coming to know Jesus as Christ. The horror of her parents' ordeals as well as the Nazi murders of other family members created a powerful bond with her Jewish heritage that transcended any religious attachments.

"I grew up in a Jewish home," Isaacs told Baptist Press. "But, I was more tied to Judaism through the Holocaust than I was the actual religion itself.

"We were not Orthodox. We weren't very religious when we were growing up, but I was very tied to the Jewish cause simply because so many of my family were killed during World War II."
(Hat tip: DMN)

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