Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bob Knight's foul mouth

I saw this compilation of great Bob Knight moments on Sportscenter last night. My in-laws are Hoosiers, but I'm a Bruin, and therefore have no place in my heart for other college basketball programs. Knight was a great coach, always good for a laugh ("that would be an insult to Mickey Mouse") and, more than any other college coach in history, a win. But he lacked the character -- most people do -- granted the Wizard of Westwood, "the greatest coach of the 20th century" and a mighty fine Christian too.

The montage left out a few choice soundbites from Knight's career, some of which were included in this Sportscenter Top 10 from when he got his 800th win. My favorite is No. 8, when he referred in a press conference to journalism as "one or two steps above prostitution."

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