Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Molotov cocktail thrown at Valley Jewish center

There have been serious problems at JCCs in the San Fernando Valley before. Like Buford O. Furrow problems. On Monday, someone reportedly threw a Molotov cocktail at The New JCC at Milkin in the West Valley. No one was injured.
"In a city defined by unparalleled diversity, hate crimes of any kind will not be tolerated, and this incident will not go unanswered," Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said in a statement. "In one voice, we must condemn this attack. As one city, we must work to ensure that no Angeleno is forced to fear for their lives or their safety because of their race, religion or ethnicity."

The early Monday attack at the Milken campus in West Hills, which police were investigating as a possible hate crime, came a month after neighbors in upscale parts of Encino and Tarzana awoke to find swastikas and epithets like "F--- Jews" and "Burn Jews" spray-painted in front of four homes.


Anonymous said...

Holy fuck.

This shit scares me. I live in Sherman Oaks and some of my friends go to the places we're talking about... hell, we go to Skirball and the Zimmer museum with our daughter all the time... you don't have to be Jewish to hate anti-semitism, I always say.

People are insane. Hang tough brothers and sisters. Peace.


Bobby said...

It was a holiday, school was out, kids were bored. This is a nice looking building in a working class neighborhood. I grew up and have lived in this area my entire life. I would not make this out to be more than stupid kid stuff. There was no graffiti, no phone call, nothing. This was kid stuff, not some kind of hate crime. It was done at 2am probably by bored and drunk kids.

Don't sweat it. Kids do stupid stuff; it's not the end of the world.

Brad A. Greenberg said...

I tend to agree with Bobby. Check out this lede from a JTA story:

In the wake of last week's assassination of a top Hezbollah official and this week's firebomb attack at a Jewish community center in suburban Los Angeles, American Jewish groups should be vigilant in security matters, the head of a Jewish security consultant group told JTA.

This isn't exactly saying Hezbollah was behind the attack, but the word association is definitely there. To me, it the firebomb that did little damage seems more for par with the strategic abilities of Hamas.