Tuesday, February 19, 2008

30-day sex challenge

It feels like I read this story every six months:
A southwest Florida church issued a challenge for its married members: Hanky panky every day.

Relevant Church head pastor Paul Wirth issued the 30-day sex challenge to take on high divorce rates.

"And that's no different for people who attend church," Wirth said Sunday. "Sometimes life gets in the way. Our jobs get in the way."

The challenge doesn't extend to unwed congregants, however.
The accompanying video report, embedded above, is a joke. So trite. The reporter so obviously clueless. My favorite line: "Jarrett Haas says even if a sexy girl tempts him, he won't break the challenge."

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Brent said...

I like the couple in the video-- he makes grope-y gestures while she sits in sad-looking silence.