Thursday, August 2, 2007

Luke Ford's 'unrequited love'

Luke Ford has a few good posts on his blog in response to my profile of him. (He also has audio of our six-hour interview.) In one titled "Unrequited Love," you can feel Ford's pain at being rejected by Orthodox congregations:

I read the Jewish Journal profile of me and I wince. It’s embarrassing. There are four great shuls in Pico-Robertson that I love — Aish Ha Torah, Young Israel Century of City, Beth Jacob, and Chabad Bais Bazelel — but they, understandably, rejected me.

It’s the same thing with the ladies. I’ve met great women in Los Angeles, but they’ve rejected me.

Google (aka reality) is my enemy.

What do you do with that most embarrassing of feelings — unrequited love? I can’t intellectualize it. I can only cop to it.

P.S. Rabbi Aryeh Markman is my Unkind Jew of the Month. Read the article and you’ll see why.

He’s a blunt, no-nonsense bloke who gets things done.

Like other rabbis at Aish, he opened his home to me when I was a lost soul.

I’m sure they all felt deely betrayed.

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