Monday, August 13, 2007

Joseph Smith for president

Mitt Romney is having trouble assuring voters that his Mormon faith isn't a bad thing. But a new documentary, "A Mormon for President," wants you to know that Romney's not the first to encounter such problems. From my press-release junk box:
The film is being helmed by producer/director Adam Christing, a member of the Mormon History Association. "Very few people realize that Romney is not the first Mormon to run for the White House," says Christing, who studied theology at Biola University in Los Angeles. "The first Mormon to run for the Presidency was actually the first Mormon, the prophet, Joseph Smith. Those who want to understand Romney's challenge today, must first understand Joseph Smith."
Much has been written about Joseph Smith, whose 200th birthday was in 2005, and I'm not going to attempt to add to that. But here's a few links.

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