Monday, July 2, 2007

Mosque gets restraining order against 'crazy' convert

Craig Monteilh showed up at the Islamic Center of Irvine in September wanting to convert. But quickly he began talking about jihad and a "9/11-type operation" against U.S. military targets, so the mosque asked him to leave and Friday won a restraining order, according to the LA Times.

Many were offended and some Muslims left the mosque because of Monteilh, who changed his first name to Farouk (not to be confused with Farfur). Affad Shaikh, civil rights coordinator for CAIR's LA-area chapter, compared the shock of "crazy lunatics" like Monteilh joining the mosque to a Catholic discovering their priest had been molesting children. He writes at This American Muslim:
I don't know what to do about a person who hijacks my religion and talks about "jihad" and "violent actions against American military" targets!!! This guy should be behind bars, he must be flight risk, HE MUST KNOW OF OTHERS or at least the FBI should be working on figuring this out.


Anonymous said...

Craig Monteilh is no more connected with anyone else as Mickey Mouse is with The Hulk. He's a pissed off loser who has been lashing out at anyone he can, because his wife dumped him.

It's that simple. He used to be a Chaplain with the LA County Sheriffs department. What a laugh!

The God of the Bible didn't save his marriage, but He did saved his wife, so Craig is mad at him. Just like a little boy who takes his ball and runs home when the other team his kicking his butt.

That's Craig "Loser" Monteilh.

Anonymous said...

Craig Monteilh is a very depressed person and may be bipolar. He has suffered from this disease for many years now. This is just another cry out for "help"! He is from a very dysfunctional family, has tried many religious efforts to be saved from his demons but he has misused religion for personal monetary gain instead giving his soul now Satan has him bound. He needs to return to the true faith in Jesus Christ not his own god. (self)