Thursday, July 12, 2007

'Finding Religion on the Campaign Trail'

The NY Times had another story yesterday about why presidential candidates should get religion.
Some of the presidential candidates, eager to refresh their church-going, God-fearing credentials, have been talking a lot about religion and some are even showing up in church. Whether they’re going to pray for endurance, or for votes, polls suggest it’s a good idea for them just to show up. After all, that’s where a considerable number of voters spend their Sunday mornings, too.

In 2004, voters who attended religious services weekly represented 41 percent of the electorate, and 61 percent of them voted for George W. Bush. Historically, they vote Republican. But recent polls suggest the ground may be shifting, due in part to the war in Iraq, and that many of these voters are drifting away from Mr. Bush and the Republicans.
This may be true. But, as I've naively said before, the religious practices of politicians -- purported practices, that is -- shouldn't matter.

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