Monday, June 25, 2007

The righteousness of prancing in your underpants

This post has very little to do with religion, save maybe what it says about the vulnerability of college students to be sucked into a clearly odd movement.

See, five years ago, I was a sophomore at UCLA when my friends and I began running around Westwood in our underwear. We called this finals week act of rebellion "Undie Run." Some of my roommates hoped to start a tradition, but I don't think anyone believed it would actually happen.

Wow. Were we wrong. Two weeks ago, what was once a 13-man jog up and down Glenrock Avenue was 8,000 to 9,000 students running from the apartments to Powell Library.

Last fall, I wrote about the origins of Undie Run and my astonishment at seeing what it had become. LAist has some insane photos from the spring run; they might not be appropriate for work.

(Pictured in the cowboy hat and bikini briefs is a former roommate, Mark Chipello.)

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Evan said...

I first heard about this last year, when some local news station did a story on it, talking about the "long-held Westwood tradition." Color me surprised, as I had never heard of it (Class of 2001). Thanks for explaining it!