Saturday, June 2, 2007

Evangelicals leaning liberal?

Among American evangelicals, 42 percent say school boards should be able to fire gay teachers. Two in five might seem like a heavy ratio, but compare that to the percent of evangelicals who answered yes in 1987, the height of the Religious Right:

73 percent

Are conservative Christians losing their edge? Rediscovering themselves? Learning costly legal lessons? Certainly, each one of those possibilities could be convincingly argued or refuted with some discriminate Googling. The comment board awaits.

(H/T: Dallas Morning News)

1 comment:

Blue-Xela said...

We would love to have you if that's the case!

I myself am certainly open-minded to God, but generally live my life as a Secular-gay-Bostonian ...

but there are many areas where secular liberals and evangelicals share concerns ... like human rights in Darfur and other areas of the world, compassionate and fair health care and a clean environment!

Hasn't the conservative agenda abused you young, evangelical activists enough already!

Keep up the good work.