Friday, June 22, 2007

Ferrari: Not a sin to need the speed

Well, Ferrari, the other Italian pipeline to the divine, didn't care too much for the Vatican's Ten Commandments for drivers.

Turns out, according to Ferrari, that owners of the ultra-expensive, lust-driven sports cars simply spend more than a quarter million American because they like high-performance cars and don't use them "as a means for outshining other people and arousing a feeling of envy," which would violate the Fifth Commandment.

"Unless having fun has become a sin, I don't believe it (to be wrong)," Amedeo Felisa told Reuters this week at an event celebrating Ferrari's 60th anniversary in its hometown southeast of Milan.
I simply find it comical that his warranted a news story, no matter how short the story, not the car drivers -- yes, I'm envious of their Enzo.

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