Monday, June 11, 2007

Kosher 'Endless Summer'

Orthodox Jews are finding spiritual sanctuary in the Pacific surf. From The Jewish Week:

The group wakes before 8 a.m. so they can daven Shacharit. By 9:30, they’re on Venice Beach, suited up and riding the waves as the sun heats up the Pacific on the Southern California coast. They’re on their boards until noon, then after lunch it’s time to learn about the ocean, get training in First Aid and play sports. They’re back home for Mincha, followed by discussions on the Mishna and Pirkei Avot.

Welcome to a typical sun-drenched day in the life — kosher “Endless Summer” style — at Joe V. Surf Camp, a five-week program for high school students that combines love of Judaism with a love for the ocean.
My colleague Amy Klein wrote about surfer Joe and his band of observant Jews back in February, when the water was a lot colder.


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Affad Shaikh said...

intersting. I was going to say, I love this summer camp concept. I am becoming an avid surfer since i was in San Diego and I can see how conducive it is to finding spirituality! I hope these kids get all they are looking for through this experiance.