Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Israel: In Obama's words

Barack Obama's campaign office is no doubt still worried about the whisper campaign against him. Over the weekend, they sent me an e-mail with links to a number of short videos from Obama's meeting with the Cleveland Jewish community that they had posted on YouTube.

In the above video, Obama says that Israel must remain a Jewish state. There are also short videos about the responsibilities of Palestinians, about Israel's right to defend itself against its neighbors, on opposing negotiations with Hamas, on relations between blacks and Jews, on his difference of opinion with Brzezinski and on President Bush's foreign policy.

I wonder, though, what Obama would have to say about what happened in Gaza and nearby Israel during the past week.

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LanceThruster said...

Sen. Obama is most likely to be one of the few honest brokers for peace in the Middle East. As such, he will face quite the uphill battle throughout the primaries and the general, should he make it that far.