Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Commentary: Order now for your free 'world terrorism wall map'

I generally enjoy reading Commentary, and, though I don't often agree with its editorial perspective, I find its essays thought provoking. Unfortunately, I don't think this free gift would be enough to get me to subscribe: We already get the magazine at the office, and I'm just not convinced a terrorism wall map would match the decor of my bedroom.

Whatever happened to a free MP3 player? From The Telegraph:
Order a one-year subscription and we will mail you a free WORLD TERRORISM WALL MAP on payment.

To say “Thank You” for your paid subscription to COMMENTARY, we will send you our full-color 39” x 26” World Terrorism wall map. Features include detailed inset maps highlighting countries battling narco-, Maoist, and Islamist terrorism, icons depicting aspects of world terrorism, political and topographical detail, definitions and facts, summaries of terrorist organizations, and sources and web sites recommended for further research. The World Terrorism wall map, an essential resource for anyone wishing to know more about the growing danger facing us, illustrates the global scope of the terrorist menace.

Click here to order your subscription!
(Hat tip: Bintel Blog)

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