Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hagee came, he didn't conquer, but he wasn't booed

John Hagee spoke in Los Angeles last night, and my colleague, Danielle Berrin, reports that, as far as controversial speakers go, he was no Karl Rove. Despite receiving a lot of press during the past few weeks for his history of incendiary comments, Hagee, Danielle writes, "was quite boring."
Here are the verbal highlights from a night that sounded more like a bible recitation than a discussion:
"I'd rather talk to G-d for 30 seconds than to George [W.] Bush all night."

"Granting forgiveness without demanding a change in conduct is to make the grace of G-d an accomplice to evil."

"Jesus, who was a reform rabbi..."

On Jews bringing the bible to the world:
"We, as Christians have a bible mandate to help you. If we have benefited from Jewish spiritual things, than we have an obligation to help Jews with material things."

On he and his rabbi friend:
"When we're standing in the streets of Jerusalem together and the Messiah comes, one of us has a great theological adjustment to make."

On the Crusaders:
"They were thieves, liars, robbers and rapists."

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