Monday, March 10, 2008

Christians looking for a fight

Remember the Fightin' Christians of Elon University? Me neither. But Elon is now one win away from entering the NCAA Division I Tournament -- and possibly meeting my divinely elected Bruins -- but Rick at Deadspin won't be rooting for Elon to upset Davidson tonight.
That's because Elon athletics once had one of the greatest nicknames of all time; the Fightin' Christians. But when the school moved up to Div. I competition in 1999, they changed it to the Phoenix.

That's just lame and wrong. By Elon officials caving to political correctness, we are deprived of seeing a pugnacious parson with a pilgrim beard squaring off with the Tar Heel logo in the first round of March Madness. Well anyway, since Elon isn't using the nickname any more, maybe Bob Jones University could pick it up.

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