Thursday, November 29, 2007

'Stalking celebrities in LA's churches'

One of my favorite memories of living in Los Angeles was seeing David Hasselhoff looking for a seat at church. I attend Bel Air Presbyterian, where ever few months it seems Britney Spears is rumored to have been seen and where I once turned around during the greeting and shook hands with a pre-Newlyweds Jessica Simpson. Al from "Step by Step," aka Christine Lakin, also joined my college group on a trip to Mammoth and Ryan Starr -- OK, not a celebrity -- hung around for a little while.

But, really, it's a little sick to think about church hopping in hopes of another celebrity sighting. Still, in LA there is something for everyone, and Gridskipper has the dish:

1. Christian Science Church of Brentwood
2. Crystal Cathedral (think Evel Knievel)
3. Good Shepherd Catholic Church (beware the Hilton sisters)
4. Sinai Temple (Kirk Douglas, among other Jewish luminaries)
5. St. Monica's Catholic Church (the governor)
6. St. Nicolas Greek Orthodox Church
7. West Angeles Church of God (Denzel and Stevie)

They left a handful of good celebrity-sighting churches and synagogues off this list. But the list was stupid to begin with, so I'm not going to add to it.

(Hat tip: LAObserved)

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