Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nice try Rudy, but you're no Jewliani

Loyal readers know I'm no fan of Rudy Giuliani. Sure he has been masterful at bridging the divide between liberal New Yorkers and social conservatives, both of whom agree the Republican front-runner is scarier them President Bush. And though Catholic, Giuliani has been trying to play up his Jewishness. But I'm not the only one not buying this schlock.
According to Ken Kurson, a top Giuliani aide, if Bill Clinton was considered America's "first Black president," then Giuliani would be the first Jewish one.

While Giuliani did make an appearance on Seinfeld, and although one could argue that for years his comb-over served as a decent makeshift yarmulke, he screwed up a key component of being Jewish: We want to marry our mothers not our cousins.


Daniel said...

I disagree. I'd rather have him than Olmerde as PM in Israel.

Brad A. Greenberg said...

Yeah, Daniel, but a lot of people would rather have this rock over Olmert.

Anonymous said...

The "Jewish" journal continues to employ this christian with a Jewish name to tell us about Jews? How bout this: let the JJ change its name to the "Apostate Journal", and BG can change his name to Christian Berg.

Troy Masters said...

Wow, is there some sort of bot that goes around posting comments on this site, complaining about the employment choices, but lacking even the little amount of courage required to leave a name with the complaint? Yeesh.

Anonymous said...

Troy, I'm happy to publicly call for the transformation of this journal into a Jewish one, beginning by getting rid of a Christian blogger who blogs on Judaism. It of course would be so illiberal to have a Jew talking about religion I know, but let's let our minds roam free - who knows, maybe we will actually open the Journal at some point in the future and find a pro Jewish, pro Israeli, pro - religious publication. Paul Almond

Anonymous said...

i'm another anonymous.

Giuliani and Olmert are friends,btw.

And note, that Giuliani didn't say he would be the first Jewish president - his aide (and co-author of his book Leadership), who happens to be Jewish and religious, did.