Thursday, April 12, 2007

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I've been getting a lot of response to my article in today's Daily News about Islamophobia. Here is another gem, with added emphasis in bold:

Why do so many Jews in the U.S., continue to apologize and making excuses for radical Islam. Here's a group of people who want to marginalize and destroy Jews all over the world, yet you and many others of the Jewish faith, defend them and push their propaganda.

There is NO such thing as Islamophobia! when is the last time you heard of a Muslim being beaten, raped or murdered in the U.S.???? They are allowed to work where they want, preach when they want and say what they want. nearly the complete opposite of their home country. What there is, is a realization that there are millions of Muslims both here and around the world, who want to impose their backwards, totalitarian beliefs on the rest of us. WHY IS IT THAT LIBERALS LIKE YOU DON'T GET THIS!!!!

So as long as you're giving University teachers a pass on their hate speech against the U.S. and Israel, how about you talk about how:

Muslims burn and loot cars and homes in Paris every night!

a Muslim shot and killed Jewish women at a Synagogue in Seattle

Schools in the U.K. are now BANNING any teaching of the holocaust so they don't offend Muslims.

this list is endless but those are recent examples.

Brad, you're on the wrong side. So while you push your politically correct - multicultural drivel, I'll choose to fight to keep this country strong and safe. While you're waiting in line with your prayer rug on the way to the ovens, I'll continue to shine a light on the hate speech that Imams are spewing in Mosque's.

I should note that based on this man's last name, which is the same way he misidentified my faith -- I am culturally though not religiously Jewish -- he might be Jewish.

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BenPlonie said...

I truly appreciate your clearly labelling your belief context as opposed to those who spin theirs. At the same time, the man you speak of must surely be mystified as to why a 'Jewish Journal' has to outsource thie God Blog to a Christian. I know at least a couple fo Orthodox Jews in the Granola State.