Thursday, April 19, 2007

Greenberg going, going, almost gone

apprentice brad.jpgWell, Donald Trump didn't want me, but the Jewish Journal does.

So today, I accepted a writing job at the largest Jewish paper outside New York. I know what you're thinking. You're not Jewish. Not religiously. No matter how bushy a beard you can grow. Correct, but I'll be reporting about a lot more than just Judaism -- Jewish life, politics, history and most everything else.

The job will be satisfying both professionally and personally. The weekly format and larger newshole will help me develop my narrative voice and become an expert in a specific field. The subject matter will allow me to learn more about my ancestors while getting a paycheck.

My new digs will be in Koreatown. From the 15th floor suite, I can see Kate's office and for the first time since we got married, we'll be able to meet up for lunch. (My first job put us 80 miles apart; the Daily News separates us by 20 miles.)

I'm grateful for the time I've had in Woodland Hills, for the opportunities Ron and Melissa have given me to grow, for the shepherding editing of Aron Miller, who brought me here. This unexpected offer brought a tough decision; I'll miss a lot of people. Brent Hopkins, my good buddy and role model here at the Daily News, had this nice farewell on the paper's union blog.

During the next two weeks, if you have a good religion story, let me know. And after that, I'll be taking the religion blog with me. Loyal God Blogites (Mom, I know you're reading), please come and see what I'm doing for the Jewish Journal.

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