Thursday, September 6, 2007

In Burg's world, Hitler won

Avraham Burg, "the apostate" former speaker of Knesset who this summer said the Israeli dream is dead, gets gutted by Hillel Halkin in a Commentary piece titled "A Wicked Son." Only an abstract is online free, but here two poignant portions of the article on L'affaire Burg:
It is as if Al Gore, after losing to George W. Bush in the year 2000, had denounced the Declaration of Independence, called the United States a cultural and spiritual wasteland, compared it with pre-Hitler Germany, prepared asylum for himself in a European country, and recommended to all Americans that they follow his example.


Avraham Burg is against military might. In another passage [of his book "Defeating Hitler"] about the Holocaust, this one touching on the Warsaw Ghetto revolt and its being made a symbol of Jewish resistance, he writes:
Had I lived in one of the ghettos, I'm not sure I would have chosen to take up arms [against the Nazis]. I think I would have asked myself until the moment of my death weather armed revolt was not foreign to the spirit of Judaism. ... In the end I would have turned to the spiritual repertoire of Mahatma Gandhi and sought to stir Europe with a wave of non-violent protest.
One rubs one's eyes with disbelief. A wave of non-violent portest in the Europe of World War II, as if Auschwitz was Amritsar -- or Selma, Alabama!

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