Friday, May 18, 2007

Tony Blair going Catholic

And not in the universal sense. Indeed, when the prime minister of the nation that created Anglicism leaves Downing Street next month, The Times of London is reporting he will cleave to the Roman Catholic Church and, by expectation, the pope.

Interesting, because Tony Blair was President Bush's best buddy in the Western World during the past six years, and Britain was the only nation of any previous military stature in the Coalition of the Willing. The war in Iraq obliterated Bush's popularity, yes, but also Blair's and his Labour Party. But now Blair reportedly plans to join the Catholic Church. The late Pope John Paul II vehemently opposed the war, which he said "threatens humanity."

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Graham Weeks said...

There is no link between Blair leaving Anglicanism for Rome and the Iraq war. The C of E was as opposed to the war as was Rome. Neither appears to believe in a Christian duty to overthrow tyrants. Blair is following his wife and children. The surprising bit is that he is joining a conservative church radically opposed to the homosexualist and feminist agendas Blair has promoted for 10 years in power.