Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Jewish 'security-hawk' and Iraq veteran turns against the war

Jon Soltz, a Jewish Army veteran, was an Iraq idealist. Now, he's the man behind a half-million-dollar anti-war advertising effort that launched last week. From the Forward:

Soltz, 29, is one of the leading protesters of the Iraq War, but don’t call him a pacifist. A self-described “security hawk,” he fell in love with the idea of military service while touring Israel as a teenager. He describes himself as a “pro-Israel, pro-military guy.”

And in May 2003, he arrived for duty in Iraq as a supporter of the war.

“When I went to Iraq, I didn’t change my dog tags — I kept ‘Jewish’ on my dog tags because I believed in the war, because I believed, when I watched the president, that I was fighting for the national security of America,” Soltz recalled. The decision to keep his faith close to his heart, he noted, could have landed him “in big trouble” if he were to be captured by Iraqi insurgents, but he said he felt it was “the morally, religiously, right thing to do.”

By the time that Soltz returned home in September 2003, having served as an operations manager for logistics convoys, he was worried that the troops, stretched too thin with too few resources, were on an impossible mission.

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karim said...

Killing over 650,000 civilians, creating over 2 millions refugees, destroying most of the infrastructure of the country and terrorizing millions of children is indeed morally, and religiously the right thing to do!

Mr. Soltz has blood on his hands.