Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gingrich to Liberty grads: beware 'radical secularism'

Delivering the commencement at the conservative university founded by fundamentalist Christian Jerry Falwell only four days after the reverend's death, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich encouraged the young graduates to confront "the growing culture of radical secularism" with Christian values. From AP:
‘‘A growing culture of radical secularism declares that the nation cannot profess the truths on which it was founded,'' Gingrich said.

‘‘We are told that our public schools can no longer invoke the creator, nor proclaim the natural law nor profess the God-given quality of human rights.

‘‘In hostility to American history, the radical secularists insist that religious belief is inherently divisive and that public debate can only proceed on secular terms."

Read the entire speech at Liberty University here. The Virginian-Pilot offered a bit more color about the mood on campus following the death of Falwell, a man who though more conservative and confrontational than most evangelical Christians helped galvanize the community's political power.

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