Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Winehouse's Chanukah and Christmas album?

She's bellowed about "Rehab" and "F--- Me Pumps" but can you seriously imagine Amy Winehouse singing "Ma'oz Tzur" or "Silent Night"?
Winehouse's producer, Mark Ronson, told Rolling Stone magazine this week that the two had discussed an album of Hanukkah and Christmas songs.

"We're talking about making a holiday record, with Christmas songs on one side and Hanukkah songs on the other," Ronson told Rolling Stone. "She's got songs called, like, Kosher Kisses and Alone Under the Mistletoe."

According to Ronson, the idea came as the two were bemoaning the lack of "cool" Jewish songs for Hanukkah.

"She was kind of f**king around, but I was like, 'You have all these amazing records to play for Christmas, like Motown and Carla Thomas and the Charlie Brown Christmas, and unfortunately, us Jews have nothing that cool to listen to. So we should do something," Ronson told the magazine.
Yeah, that should go over really well with Christians. Not to mention, Jews have a cool Chanukah song. It's called "The Chanukah Song," and it comes in three versions

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