Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Fighting anti-Semitism online

Here's a boring story from the Jerusalem Post that includes a novel proposal from the Israeli president.
President Shimon Peres urged young students at Yad Vashem on Tuesday to use the social networking site Facebook to fight anti-Semitism. "You can make a collective effort," he told a student from Guatemala.

Peres was at Yad Vashem to address the 116 students from 62 countries who are participating in an international Youth Congress on the Holocaust. According to a Yad Vashem spokesperson, the group comprised more non-Jews than Jews.
In fact, a search on Facebook for "anti-Semitism" finds 313 groups, including this one. Hat tip to Bloggish, who e-mailed this story to me, saying, "I agree with Peres in theory, but I prefer YouTube in practice."

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