Wednesday, December 5, 2007

World Series of Dreidel spin-off

Chanukah started last night. But a Sacramento synagogue got the party started early with the inaugural World Series of Dreidel (a "chai stakes dreidel tournament") last weekend. Hear about it at Here's what the creator of the event had to say:
A lot of synagogues have poker tournaments and bingo nights, and we've had our own gambling game for 1,000 years. Why not use that?
The name of the tournament seems a bit superfluous. Unlike the World Series of Poker or even the American-dubbed baseball World Series, the dreidel spin-off had a sparse attendance and only lasted a few hours. (I have a hard time believing it drew anyone from outside the Delta.)

Anyway, the segment ends with competitors singing the dreidel song. If you know it, sing along.

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