Monday, December 3, 2007

A pig named Muhammad, er, Bill Keller

I'm on deadline right now and procrastinating, so I just started visiting the blogs I read daily and found this ditty from Dallas:
Contributing to the civil discourse in the world, a publicity-seeking Christian preacher responded to the Sudanese persecution of a teacher whose class named its teddy bear Muhammad by naming a pig likewise. He did that, unlike the teacher, knowing that it would be offensive to Muslims. Now that the teacher has been pardoned (which doesn't make the earlier calls for her death any more palatable, btw), I wonder how the preacher will react. But I must admit I don't wonder too much. Normally I offer facts, names, and links to this kind of thing. But in this case: I figure he's getting more pub than he deserves as it is...
I hadn't heard about this gimmick. Google News quickly solved that, providing as the top link this story from WorldNetDaily. (It should be noted that WND is not known for its subtle Conservative tone.) The preacher is Bill Keller, who lost his TV program this summer for slamming Islam.
In his latest devotional being sent to his subscribers, Keller states:
Of course there will be Muslim apologists who say that these are only the extremists, just like they try to distance themselves from their brothers in this "peaceful religion" who flew the planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the one intended for the Capitol building that was crashed in a Pennsylvania field by some real American heroes. ...

These people are not about love or peace or unity. They are about one thing. Converting the world to their false religion and those who get in their way or who refuse to follow their lies will be silenced and killed. The word "Islam" literally means "submission." Maybe you don't understand what it means when their "holy book" says "death to all infidels."

"Bill Keller's pink pig is a terrific tribute to Muhammad!" said WND reader Stephen Mayfield. "If only we could load B-52's with a week's take of Farmer John's swine intestines, and bombs-away them over Khartoum."

Another WND reader, Clay Hestilow of Houston, Texas, took the opposite view, stating, "Senseless. Ignorant. Hateful. This 'minister' is a poor representation of the love that Christ has for all of mankind."

Below is the video Keller posted on YouTube, in which Keller is the pink pig convert from Islam who invites you to know Jesus and calls Islam's great prophet a "murdering pedophile" and the Quran "a book of fairy tales." This guy is really off his rocker.

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